Our top Netflix recommendations for 2022

We would consider this blog post to be one of the most insightful! A look into the television psyche of our team and their top recommendations to binge watch in 2022 so far.

2021 business round up

For activ, 2021 has been an exciting year of new faces, new services and plenty of new clients!

Meet the team: Tom Marley

find your local experienced activ consultant

A day in the life of our Technical Project Manager, Tom Marley “As the Technical Project Manager, I need to have a helicopter view of everything that is happening for our technical offerings. Activ Digital Marketing has gained a lot of clients through their excellent service and at any one time we have a number […]

Meet the team: Megan Jenkins

Picture of Meg

A Day in the Life of our Marketing Assistant, Megan Jenkins “As a Marketing Assistant I need to be organised and constantly available to help not only our clients but my colleagues, too. This means I can’t go to bed at stupid o’clock and I must have my email notifications on just in case a […]

activ from 2008 to 2021…the journey to our new brand!

pinning notes to the wall

Can you believe that 2008 is 13 years ago! No? Neither can we. activ has been operating as a business for well over a decade now, and 2021 has been the year that there has been the most change (for the better) as we have entered a new era. As featured in our previous blog post, […]

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