Digital Business Card

The future is digital. Why not join others by converting your business card from paper to digital with our modern service.


Just a few clicks away from endless networking possibilities

Create your digital business card on our trusted platform on your phone, tablet or desktop! Edit and customise your digital card for you and your business – no need to go to a graphic designer for this task. You can add as much or as little information to your card as you’d like – in addition to standard contact information you can personalise your card with a photo, logo, social media profiles and more. When purchasing a digital business card through activ you receive our unique feature of a QR code – all someone has to do is scan your QR code and you are then added to their devices’ contacts!



There are several reasons why we believe digital business cards are the way to go in the future – here are some benefits of going digital:

Personalised QR Code

Be added straight to a persons contacts when your QR code is scanned


90% of paper business cards are thrown away within one week of receiving them


Digital business cards are flexible and easy to change


If you want everyone in your business to go digital we can offer bulk buying discounts


Share you details to anyone anywhere in the world

Increased Follow-Ups

The QR adds you directly to a contact list making your details easy and quick to access

digital business card

£ 99 initial fee
£49 annually
  • unique QR code
  • personalisation
  • endless networking possibilities

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