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New service announcement: Digital business card

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We are very excited to introduce you to our new service, the digital business card!  We have been working on this for a while and think that many businesses will benefit from this small investment item.


What is a digital business card?

A digital business card can be created via our trusted platform on your phone, tablet or desktop. It can be easily edited and customised for you and your business! 

You can add as much or as little information to your card as you’d like – in addition to standard contact information you can personalise your card with a photo, logo, social media profiles and more! When purchasing a digital business card through activ you receive our unique feature of a QR code – all someone has to do is scan your QR code and you are then added to their devices’ contacts!


Why should you swap your paper cards for digital?

There are several key reasons why all of us at activ believe digital business cards are the way to go in the future – here are some benefits of going digital:


With over 90% of paper business cards being thrown away within a week of receiving them they are not the most eco-friendly way to exchange contact details.  If everyone switched from paper to digital business cards, over 7 millions trees would be saved each year!


Wherever you are, as-long as you have access to your phone or computer, you’ll always have access to your digital business card! Gone are the days of worrying whether you card supply is low or if you need to order more!  Our digital business cards are flexible and easy to change – did you just change jobs or job roles, get a new phone number or make a typo?  These are costly edits with paper business cards but not with digital cards – your cards can always be up to date with your latest information. 


Have your own digital business card for a portion of the cost of printing cards.  Plus, not only are you getting what you normally would with a business card, but you are also getting customisation features for colours, logo addition and QR codes.  Additional to this, if you are looking to get everyone in your business a digital business card you can contact us for bulk buying discounts.


It seems like online meetings and virtual networking events are going to become our new normal – now is the perfect time to invest in a digital business card.  Digital business cards can be shared with anyone, anywhere making your networking possibilities endless – simply send over the link or QR code by email, text or social media! 

The sending options are limitless why not hold up your QR code to the camera when on a video call for all attendees to scan? Why not add you QR code to you video call background? Here at activ, we all have our digital business cards in our email signatures! Eventually (we hope) in-person business gatherings will resume in full, and we know digital business cards will be sticking around because they are germ-free and require no physical contact.

Increased Follow-Ups

As we said before, when people usually receive a business card, they will throw it away or in many cases keep it in their purse or wallet and forget it is there.  When you share our digital business card, it doesn’t get lost in the bottom of a bag, instead after scanning, you are added directly to their contact list.  You become their first point of call due to the easy and quick access to your contact details!


Have we persuaded you to go digital? Find out how to create you card

Creating your digital business card with us is easy.  Simply click here and be taken to our digital business card builder!  You can easily personalise your card so it is perfect for you and your business with just a few clicks – no need to go to a graphic designer to make this business card perfect.  Head over to our social media accounts to see our top tips for what we think is best to include on your business card.

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