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Meet the team: Megan Jenkins

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A Day in the Life of our Marketing Assistant, Megan Jenkins

“As a Marketing Assistant I need to be organised and constantly available to help not only our clients but my colleagues, too. This means I can’t go to bed at stupid o’clock and I must have my email notifications on just in case a marketing disaster occurs. Most things that I do have to meet a deadline, which means I must constantly prioritise what needs to be done and how long I should be spending on each task. I find that I work well under pressure, so with the tasks that do not have deadlines I will always set a time that I want them done by so I can work towards this (a bit weird I know).

Have a look below to see what my role entails. Who knows, it might inspire you to become a marketing assistant…maybe.

Content Creation

Content is everywhere in our life. When you think about it, it’s pretty hard to avoid (not that you would want to avoid it). In my opinion, content is there to keep us informed, answer any questions people may have, entertain, guide our decisions and, if it is done right, make us smile. I create content for all the platforms across activ digital and activ franchise and also for clients. When creating content, I try to get into the headspace of the target market. This helps me so much when writing blog pieces and captions. Content creation is definitely my favourite part of my job. I enjoy the organisation around it and how you can plan months in advance what you are going to post (even though most of the time things pop up last minute that you have to slot in). My background in the fashion industry has given me an eye for design and colour (at least I think so…) so I really do like putting my ideas to paper [computer screen].


Copywriting is another key part of my role. Copywriting basically consists of words (written or spoken) that we marketers use to try to get people to take an action. Think of it as a call-to-action, but it’s sometimes more discreet than directly telling people to do something. I have the aim of making people feel, think and respond to what they are reading/listening to. Sometimes, like in this article, I will have an entire blog post to communicate through but other times I will have to keep it short and sweet for captions or web page headings. I really like to see how other businesses use copywriting to communicate with their customers and get them talking. I am going to be sharing some of my favourite campaigns over on our social media pages so be sure to give them a follow.

Building Client Relationships

If you haven’t already been able to tell, I like a chat. I like to think I can chat to anyone – it’s definitely the Welsh in me. Although this might not be a good trait to have as a librarian, in my role it plays to my advantage. I like to think that because of my chatty nature I am approachable and that is exactly what clients look for when outsourcing a company to help them grow. I will talk daily to our clients whether it be to check in to see how their day is going or answering any questions/requests they may have. Since I began working for activ, I have been very fortunate to talk to clients, colleagues and franchisees from all over the world.

Reading Analytics

For many of our retainer clients, we provide a monthly marketing report. The reports highlight all the good that has happened during the previous month whether it be impressions, reach or likes. It isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, sometimes things do go wrong and I do report on that to clients. However, what I try to do is give a reason for why something didn’t go as expected and how I will prevent it from happening again. When it comes to reading analytics I am a bit of a nerd (not that it’s a bad thing). Give me numbers, statistics and a good graph and I will spend hours oooing and aaaing over them. I love finding reasoning behind the numbers, you soon realise that everything influences the numbers from whether it was sunny that day, whether it was pay day or even whether the football (or rugby) was on TV.

On top of these daily tasks I will communicate within the activ team with my colleagues and will communicate any queries from franchisees to the appropriate head office team member. My days are always different and that is why I love my job. Yes, sometimes I do get overwhelmed, and yes I do sometimes lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel, but during these times I try to remember that nothing compares to the feeling of accomplishment and pleasure of when something goes right.

Hopefully I have given you an insight to my role here at activ – if I haven’t put you off and you would like some marketing assistance with your business, get in touch!”

– Meg

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