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Social media: how to talk to your customers online and grow as a result!


The world now operates via social media. Ok, so that may not be entirely true. But, for a business not to be on social media, it really can be the difference between surviving and having to close the doors, especially within challenging economic conditions that we all face. Facebook alone has over 2 billion monthly active users – that demonstrates to scale of this party that we all need to be at!

Let’s simplify things

Keeping it simple, social media platforms are interactive web-based technologies that allow users to create and share information, ideas, interests and other forms of expression. It’s the user-generated content such as a post, a comment, a like, a photo, a video that is the lifeblood of social media. Without users, it quite frankly would no longer exist!

Users often reach out to brands and businesses on social media to research an offering, find contact details, or to buy a product or service. That is the function of a business being visible on social media as a starting point. You need to be there with a clear message, a defined method of contact and respond in the required way to ensure you are capturing enquiries. This level of interaction occurs as more of a functional relationship. This works for many businesses and can be a great way of bringing on new customers.

If you were to take things a stage further, businesses can look to grow the way the engage with their following to gain brand loyalty. This would take a relationship to another level and allows a business to become more of a community online. Again, this can work well for different types of businesses, but takes much more blood sweat and tears. The positive outcomes for a business can be massive however!

Why work with Activ for Social Media?

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