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Where to start with PPC and running paid Google campaigns for your business


Are you crying out for more traffic to your website? Do you have a defined offering which people search for via Google and other search engines?

If yes, then PPC could be just the ticket to get your business thriving!

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, in which businesses pay a fee every time one of their adverts is clicked on – they pay per click. This differs from SEO and organic listings where businesses rely on the unpaid search engine listings.

Search Engine advertising with PPC is one of the most popular forms around, like on Google for example. It allows businesses to bid for key words so that your ad shows up in the very top spot on the search results page. You might be familiar with seeing ads in the top section or right-hand side of your browser. You are seeing these ads because the business running the campaign has defined which key terms they want to show for.

For example, a local garage in Manchester may have set up PPC ads to run for the search term ’Car MOT in Manchester’.

If you search for this exact term, their ad may get served to you. You may then click to ad and be taken to the MOT booking page on their website. Simple.

It should be simple, and it can be. But it must be remembered that Google is a complex beast where guidelines, and protocols change regularly. You must ensure that campaigns are optimised on an ongoing basis to ensure that your campaign operates effectively to achieve your objectives. And in the terms of our example, keeps getting those MOT bookings!

How to set up a PPC campaign

You can set up a Google account and use available tutorials to run your own PPC campaigns. We support our clients through this process via our subscription to our Activ Marketing Academy. Here you will get access to ongoing support resources to help run your activity yourself.

If you would prefer to invest in your business and leave it t the experts, find out about our packages here.

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