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Meet the team – Camille Atienza

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A day in the life of our Marketing and Administration Manager, Camille Atienza

I have been working for activ since 2013. Since the takeover in January 2021, my role has been further developed to officially encompass marketing elements, something I have been doing for a number of years anyway!

Here is an overview of what I love about my role.

Admin and Accounting

I always start my day by checking Xero to reconcile all payments that are received.  Since one of my main responsibilities is to make sure that the bank account is reconciled correctly for tax purposes, it’s important that all bills and payments have accurate VAT rates.  I then check outstanding invoices and send statements to clients as required.

Throughout the day, I work closely for the team to ensure their activity is administrated correctly.  I also touch base with the team every now and then to check if the status of jobs (I know everyone’s very busy!).

Each month, I work on our financial reports to ensure that we are operating efficiently as as business. 

I handle our internal email comms – it is key to keep our clients and franchisees updated and as there is so many exciting things happening there is always some type of communication to work on!

I also have to keep an eye on incoming website inquiries so I can relay them accordingly to the technical or marketing team, or both!

There’s a wide range of admin tasks assigned to me and they actually vary each day from setting up recurring invoices in the portal for website launches to organising files in the drive to answering tickets, and anything else to make sure the operations go smoothly.

As a communication graduate, I surprisingly enjoy dealing with the accounting side of the business (maybe because I almost took Accountancy in college and I have now been in this accounting role for 8 years).

Head Office Customers

We handle head office customers who are not managed by any franchisee, which means all their transactions and concerns go directly to us.  I check my list everyday to see if there is a head office-managed website that is due for renewal in a month and raise an invoice and contact the customer about it.  I also send them regular email notifications to remind them of the renewal date.

Whenever clients have a technical issue, I coordinate with our Technical Support Manager Richard to rectify their problem quickly.

SEO and Marketing

All SEO related concerns from franchisees come to me.  This means I must maintain constant communication with our SEO team to make sure we reply to them in a timely manner.  Likewise, our SEO team will work with me on the client recommendations and reports.

With regard to marketing, I assist in proofreading articles and content for clients and often write content for them, too.

As a Marketing & Administration Manager, I have to be knowledgeable of all the processes involved in all aspects of the company.  Being flexible is key since there is a lot going on everyday and I should always be ready whenever questions about invoices, files, and other concerns are directed to me. 

There’s nothing more satisfying than working behind the scenes with a great team to help make the company better and more organised each day.

For your business to benefit from Camille’s outstanding organisation skills, get in touch today!

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