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What are content pillars and why do you need them?

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What are the main topics of conversation in your business? If someone looked at your website or social media pages would they be able to identify those topics?

This article will examine the importance of content pillars and how you can effectively use them within marketing activity.

What is a Content Pillar?

Content Pillars are 3 to 5 topics that your business will consistently discuss, broadcast and create content around for social media. Some of you may be thinking, what is the difference between having a niche and having content pillars? Well, content pillars can help complement your niche; showcasing expertise in a specific area will help grow your audience faster. To put it simply, when you put all your content pillars together, they should create a clear picture of what your business does and what customers can expect. Not only do content pillars present your business as concise and organised; they also make planning your content so much easier!

Although your content pillars are specific to your business they can include multiple themes. For example:

  • An independent bookshop’s content pillars could be new book releases, budding authors, inspiring reading spots and local coffee shops
  • A fashion blogger’s content pillars could be street style, body positivity, beauty tips and tricks, plus wellbeing

Hopefully we are starting to convince you that this is the way froward with creating your online content, but how do you find the right content pillars for your business?


The best way to establish strong content pillars for a business is to have a good old brainstorming session. Grab a piece of paper and list all the main things you currently talk about (or want to cover) in your online content. A top tip from us, set a timer for the task so that you’re forced to go with your gut instinct and are not tempted to overthink.


Take a look over to your website and social analytics, find out what content is currently performing well, and which attracts the most engagement – it is likely that this type of content is resonating with your audience.

In addition to this, you should also be clear on who it is you are speaking to. Use your analytics to identify the demographic of your clients or consumers. We find it to be useful to create a persona for your audience, give them a name, job and even state their hobbies – this will help you whenever you feel a little bit lost.


Sit down and reflect on the topics you brainstormed, narrow the list down to 3-5 content pillars that you think will be relevant with your brand in the long term. Try not to be too specific in your topics, it should be summed up in one word. Keep in mind your brand values, products/services, and aims for your business when finalising your content pillars.


Content Pillar Examples

Please see below two examples of content pillars for businesses.

Product based business – Gift Shop

  • Behind the scenes – detail could be shown about the designing process or how the shop owner chooses to display products. Sometimes the post could be dedicated to promoting a specific product but in most cases, posts can be more personal where customers can get to know the business and the staff.
  • Gift guides – showing collections of products for specific occasions such as new baby, new home, birthday for her. This allows you to directly promote products.
  • Styling tips – share inspiration for styling products and dressing areas for specific times of the year. These can feature your own products but could also be a Content Pillar where you share other businesses creations for inspiration. This also helps with building a community space.

Service based business – Doctors Surgery

  • Meet the Team – here you can share interesting facts and information about members of staff that your audience would be interested in. You could also share the team’s top tips for specific illnesses and how to prevent the audience from contracting them.
  • Awareness Days – you could use medical awareness days to inspire content. This requires forward planning so that you are aware of specific days coming up. One awareness day could be the theme for the entire week/month.
  • Community News – you could use your platform to support the surrounding community. Share any fundraising events or charities in the area to increase exposure. Perhaps you could promote one local business a week.

Final Thoughts

Content pillars can change with your business over time, they are not set in stone! If you find that the categories that you chose are not being received as well as you had hoped by your audience then you can simply revert to the brainstorming list and choose another topic! We hope we have inspired you to take some time out of your week to create your content pillars.

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