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Nick Coley Art

Consultant: activ digital marketing East Yorkshire


Art website, content creation.


To showcase Nick Coley art, to gain a wider following and increase sales. Nick wanted a site that was different, he wanted the images to be natural and show off his art rather than present them in a traditional framed gallery look.


The intention was to take the viewer on a journey through the art.

We have been working with Nick

since 2020 on one of the most interesting journeys we have done, Nick feels he has found a way to showcase his talents whilst adding narration to get his story across in an interesting and exciting way.

Nick wanted to

work with our consultant Dave Rowland due to his long term experience on these types of projects.


Increased following
Key objectives hit
Website perfectly showcases art
Very happy client
Always trust those with experience, who have a level of confidence and knowledge that is akin to an artist, who knows their craft. That’s my endorsement for David Rowland and activ. If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well, and if so, pick somebody who can live up to that standard.
Nick Coley, Artist

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