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How to get the most out of a paid social media campaign


Let’s get serious about paid social media campaigns, you want to work with a social media marketing agency who knows how important it is to maximise your social media advertising budget, right? Many agencies will offer social media marketing services, but maximising the success of social media advertising is key for many businesses whether your budget is small or large.

This is our guide on how to get the most out of your social media advertising:


  1. What is your goal?

If you’re not sure what the goal is, then your paid social media campaign won’t get off on the right foot. It’s difficult to measure the success of a campaign if you don’t have a goal in mind, furthermore, setting your goal will ensure you choose the right social network, targeting the right audience, thus providing more fruitful results.


  1. Who is your audience?

The beauty of social media is that you can be very specific about your audience. Even down to their most recent online purchases. It’s important to spend some time defining who your ideal target customer is, what interests them, which networks are they using, what do they like to talk about, who else do they follow. A top social media marketing agency will always help you to define this before they begin building your advertising.


  1. Use organic knowledge

If you’re ready to invest in paid social media opportunities, then it’s likely you’ve been using your social media channels for some time with organic content going out regularly. You should even have a good idea of which posts and what sort of content is resonating with your fans. (If you don’t, your insights and analytics can help guide you). Using similar or the same content from your successful organic posts is always a good place to start investing paid budget.


  1. Think mobile

According to Hootsuite, more than 3.25 billion active social media users access their channels through a mobile device. Designing your paid social media advertising with mobile in mind is going to be key to improving reach, engagement and the general user experience. So whilst your social media marketing agency might be designing the ad on a desktop, be sure to check the mobile previews and optimise them accordingly.


  1. Testing, testing

If you want to be sure that your budget is spent well, we’d recommend testing your ads. There’s nothing wrong with creating several ads with smaller audience profiles to see what works best for your brand or business. Measure the results from these smaller campaigns and use the most successful to create your primary campaign. You can go forwards with a bigger splash, knowing you’ve given it some welly!


  1. Report on your results

Always bringing it back to those all important goals, be sure to measure your paid social media campaign results to prove the return on investment. Proving that your advertising works will help to secure more budget in the future and provide learnings about your audience so you can build bigger and better campaigns as the years go on.


activ Digital Marketing provide a number of social media marketing services. Offering support across numerous channels, content creation packages, social media audits and content plans. We know that businesses don’t have an endless pot of money so ensuring every investment you make into marketing actually works is hugely important to us. Chat to one of the team today to see how we can help you.

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