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Top tips for social media optimisation


There are many ways to tackle social media optimisation (SMO) and as a social media marketing agency, we’ve defined the top techniques and tactics you can take to aid improvements.

  1. An overall social media management strategy at a higher level, defining brand voice, content pillars and a long-term plan.
  2. Social media profile optimisation in order that your customers and potential customers can find you and your content more easily.
  3. At individual post level to optimise and improve ongoing engagement and reach. 

Ultimately, making vast improvements to all three of the above opportunities can result in strengthening your online presence, connecting you with the right audience, increasing brand awareness and reach, generally improving leads and sales. 

In this month’s social media management blog, we’re highlighting our top tips for defining optimisation in each of the above focus areas. 

  • Strategise

Your social media channel analytics or insights will help you to understand how your current social media strategy is working and where there may be need for improvement, so this is always a good place to start. From here, you should quickly be able to establish your new social media goals to aid overall improvement whilst ensuring that those goals align with your wider marketing strategy. 

  • Check over your bios

When it comes to optimisation of your social media profiles, then your bios are one of the most obvious starting points. Your bio offers a visitor a summary of your business, who you are, what you do and the topics that you might cover. As well as confirming the basics like how someone can contact you for more information. Don’t forget the all important call to actions from links to your website, links to eCommerce products or even specific landing pages which are optimised for conversion. 

  • Polish your posts

This is where you can get really clever with optimisation, there are so many considerations when it comes to your posts that it can feel overwhelming, so remember not to try and do everything to every single post, 100% of the time. Here’s a little sub list from us, your social media marketing agency, to get you started:

  • Tag others – from employees on LinkedIn to other partner businesses on Facebook – tagging someone or another business can increase engagement and reach
  • Headlines and captions – draw your audience in with catchy headlines to ensure they read the full post
  • Hashtags aren’t dead – particularly on Instagram and TikTok. You may even consider hashtagging your keyword search terms to make your posts more discoverable
  • Know your audience – they won’t all be the same, mix up your content styles to cover all bases and don’t forget to use insights to give you a steer
  • When and how much? – Mondays or Fridays? Lunch times or evenings? Once a week or five times a day? Insights and trialling will always help you decide

Perhaps you’re reading our tips and feel ready to head on your own social media optimisation mission, we wish you lots of luck and success! If you’re reading our list and still not sure where to begin, then don’t overthink it. activ offers a range of social media marketing services and packages to suit every possible budget and business with a team of keen bean social media management machines. You can be sure your channels are in the safest possible hands.

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