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Essential digital marketing for starting a new business


There are a million and one things to think of when you start a new business, we know, we’re living it! We’re here to ensure that selecting a digital marketing company to support you isn’t one of the long list of items that you need to worry about or that gets moved to the bottom of the list. A strong marketing strategy, even for the smallest of new businesses is what will help you succeed in the long-term.

Let’s take a look at the essential elements you should be considering when it comes to digital marketing for your brand new business.

Know your audience

It’s easy to feel pressure to start a Facebook page, build an SEO strategy or create a website, but first, understanding your audience is absolutely key. With any new business, it can be tricky to understand exactly who your audience is without a little bit of research, so here are some tips for what you need to consider when building your audience profiles (remember that there may be more than one audience):

  • Age bracket
  • Job titles
  • Income
  • Location
  • What solutions they might need from your business
  • How they research products or services before buying
  • Their favourite social media channels (if any)
  • Other interests or hobbies

Understand the above and you’ll be able to focus on the correct marketing channels that will grow your business.

Understanding keywords or phrases

If you invest in researching keywords or phrases for your business, you will understand the search terms your potential customers are typing into search engines to find businesses just like yours. It’s then a good idea to work with an SEO service provider to implement these keywords into your website copy or work on them as part of a wider SEO plan. This activity will ensure you appear in search engine results more often.

Invest time and effort into social media

This doesn’t mean that you should start a page on every single channel available. This means you should select 2 or 3 channels where you have identified your audience to be on a regular basis and then using your pages to attract them and convert them into your customers. Initially, paid social media advertising doesn’t even have to come into it. Being present and posting consistent, on brand and thoughtful content will ensure you are increasing awareness and engagement organically. Don’t forget to use it to interact with your audience too, replying to comments, sharing content and building relationships can be more valuable than constant posts. 

Consider how to use your use data

You may receive 20 enquiries a day through your website. Maybe only 5 of those enquiries turn out to be customers straight away. What do you do with the other 15? Just let them disappear? Consider how you can continue to stay in contact with people who make enquiries with you, whether that’s through a CRM system, email marketing or targeted adverts on social media. Ensure the data you’re collecting is GDPR compliant and implement a regular communications plan, those additional 15 enquiries may eventually turn out to be customers later on. 

Track everything!

Tunnel vision is of no use when you’re working on marketing activity in your business. If you’re posting on social media every day, you need more than just a gut feeling that you’re using it in the right way and that it’s working for you. Consider using insights, download reports and check the stats to see if it is worthwhile and if it isn’t, it’s time to change it up!

If you’d like some help with getting your marketing off to a great start or you’ve been operating for a little while and you’re stuck in a rut. We can help you figure it all out! Take a look at our digital marketing services and get in touch with us to get it started.

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