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Creating a good landing page


A landing page can often be underrated in its ability to convert website visitors and there are many different elements and factors that need to work together to inspire your visitors to make the right choice and ultimately complete your website goal that the landing page is set out to do.

Your landing page is what potential customers or clients ‘land on’ as a result of an advert and it can often be a wasted opportunity if the landing page doesn’t meet the customer expectations. This means you’re wasting valuable campaign budget and increasing your bounce rate, making your landing page less relevant and not converting into sales.

Much of your campaign success will of course depend on what you’re offering but you can tick ‘good landing page’ off the list with these top tips:

Attention grabbing headline

Most likely to be what the potential customer reads first, you want the message to be a powerful snap shot with a clear as possible message to get them to keep reading. It should also contain your keywords that match the advert you’re directing them from, this will make it more relevant and keep your cost per click to a minimum.

Clear sub-heading

Expand on your headline and clarify the offer, reassure your customer they have made the right choice to click the advert and that they have ended up in the right place.

Main body of text

Your biggest benefits or key messaging should be summarised in bitesize snippets, maybe even bullet points. The copy should identify your target customer’s problem and show them the products you have to offer that will help them solve it. And be sure to have no spelling errors; you don’t want them to lose faith!

Main image

This is key to be part of the attention-grabbing mission – it should be relevant to the product or service you’re offering and good quality.


This is an aspect that is often over-looked and it can be expensive to invest in video production simply for use on a landing page. However, videos can always be used elsewhere in various campaigns for your products. They can help to show the product or service in action and highlight the benefits from a new angle.

Demonstrate your trust

It’s a good idea to include some previous customer feedback on the page or maybe even link to reviews of your product or service elsewhere on the internet like Trip Advisor, Trust Pilot or Google reviews. Displaying your star rating can help you to gain the potential new customer’s trust in your brand. 

Consider your call-to-action

This is it! This is what it all boils down to, getting your new customer to book, buy, call or enquire so be sure to have a good looking button, make sure it stands out with a nice bright colour and a clear phrase like BUY NOW, BOOK NOW or SIGN UP.

Consider above and below the fold

Below the fold is a term used to describe content that features below the area where a user has to scroll to view it. Your most important elements need to be above the fold to encourage the visitor to keep scrolling. Better still, your whole page might want to remove the need to scroll altogether.

Landing page production forms part of our SEO packages here at activ and we’re always conscious of creating them with our client business goals in mind. To talk to someone about one of our packages or for advice on campaign creation, contact us today. 

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