Operating across the UK & Ireland since 2008, we are passionate about offering digital marketing services with thousands of clients under our belt.

Our Franchise About activ Digital Marketing

Being a large franchise offering digital marketing services, we have excellent consultants right across the UK and Ireland with local knowledge and experience of how to support small businesses to develop and establish a successful marketing presence.

Now more than ever, businesses thrive when they make the move online and open themselves up to a much wider audience. At activ Digital Marketing, we are here to support your move into the digital world, remove the confusing jargon and help make it a reality.

The process of working with one of our digital marketing consultants is straightforward, cost effective and the start of a long-term relationship – we can grow alongside you. With an experienced head office team supporting our local consultants with digital marketing services, resource and expertise for even the most unusual request will never be an issue.

What makes offering digital marketing services so simple?

Our process…

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Supporting people is at the heart of what we do

Our group, our community, our franchisees, our clients. We champion and celebrate individuals.

We also support some people focused charities and community groups with digital marketing services.

Happy Clients Our work

We are proud of our eclectic range of clients, the amazing work they do and the effective digital marketing services we execute to support them.

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