PPC or pay per click is the method of creating paid advertisements within search engines and other locations where perspective customers may be browsing the internet.


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gain more visibility online

Gain more visibility online

If you want to get your products/services seen, bought or learnt about, PPC could be for you!  It can take a while for organic search engine rankings to rise. PPC can provide immediate traffic, dependent on the budget you have to work with. You could be knocking your competitor off the top spot within days.

Keep a close eye on your website traffic​

Our consultants use tools such as Google Analytics to keep a close eye on your website traffic and to implement a strong keywords plan. Concentrating on effective ad words is key, as is reporting regularly to keep you updated on progress, so we know where we need to make change if necessary.
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We have many years experience working on SEO for our clients - it was one of the first services we ever launched and it is still going strong (albeit enhanced) years later. Our packages have been designed to suit varying budgets and objectives. If you want enhanced activity to our fixed packages, please get in touch for a bespoke quotation.

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